Client-Centered Content Creation

Frankly Curious Media is one of the most technically savvy companies in the industry. But our focus is on writing. You need fun writing to appeal to tweens? We do that. We also do precise technical manuals. And we do ad copy that can turn buying an air filter into an exciting adventure. We love writing. And if you want people to think of you as John Steinbeck or Lewis Carroll or Dante Alighieri, we can do that.

Our logo with Don Quixote and Sancho Panza is no accident. We combine the insane creativity of Don Quixote with the grounded good sense of Sancho. Most of the time, people need simple, clear, and engaging writing. In fact, most of our work involves translating the ideas of entrepreneurs into something that regular people can understand and appreciate. But there are times when even the stodgiest of bankers wants to provoke. We’re ready to create whatever you need.

Writing for Humans

Frankly Curious Media specializes in writing for humans. That’s not to say that we don’t also make Google and other computer readers happy. But once a page is clicked, a brochure downloaded, or a book bought, it will be a human who engages with it. And if that engagement lasts a few unpleasant seconds, all the work you’ve done to get those “eyeballs” will have been wasted. So we start with impressing humans. After that’s done, making the computers happy is pretty easy.

The writing industry is now filled with what are called “content creators” and “SEO content writers.” These are people who write for computers — who think that you won’t notice that you aren’t selling your products to computers. You aren’t trying to get computers to donate to your charity. You aren’t trying to get a job working for a computer.

They hope you won’t notice something else: computers are getting better at spotting bad writing. Work that search engines loved two years ago is now likely to get your webpages penalized by Google. For example, search engines used to love writing like this:

We’ve just completed an analysis of 15 different 75 watt light bulbs. By far, the best was the GE 41032-12. Unlike other bulbs, the GE 41032-12 provided a constant stream of lighting with virtually no discernible osculation. The GE 41032-12 also consumed less power than 90% of the other bulbs tested. When it came to 75 watt light quality, the GE 41032-12 was unmatched. Truly, the GE 41032-12 is best 75 watt light bulb on the market.

Such keyword stuffing was once helpful in getting ranked. Now it will make the page get labeled as spam and relegated to the bottom of the heap for people searching light bulbs — even the GE 41032-12 bulb itself. And as search engines continue to improve, today’s tricks will backfire. Do you really want to have to rewrite your website every year?

The Writing You Want

We specialize is providing our clients with the kind of writing they want — not the kind of writing we just happen to do. And we’re also here to help you figure out what kind of writing your need. But that’s dictated by what you or your business is trying to accomplish. We have the expertise to help you succeed at what you want to do.

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